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About Dera Baba Nanak

Dera Baba Nanak , situated in Gurdaspur district of Indian state Punjab is a municipal council and a one of the holiest locations for Sikhs in the country. Located at a distance of 39 kms on the western side of the district headquarters Gurdaspur this beautiful town is believed to be on the pious land where Guru Nanak Dev, the first Sikh Guru, spend his last twelve years of worldly life. On the left bank of River Ravi, this is a religious and popular tourist destination of the state.

About Dera Baba Nanak
Gurdwara Dera Baba Nanak

History of Dera Baba Nanak

Dera Baba Nanak bears a memorable historical background which describes the foundation of the city. According to historical records Guru Nanak Dev one day after a lot of travelling concluded his journey before a well which was originally owned by Ajitta Randhava, who was the Chaudhan or the supreme authority of the village Pakkhoke Randhave where Guru’s family was based. Guru Nanak Dev after his first Udasi tour came here in December 15151 AD to visit his family wife and sons. Seeing the Saint himself, people from nearby villages all came to visit Him once. It is only then that Bhai Ajitta requested Guru Nanak Ji to settle down permanently at Pakkhoke.

The holy place where Guruk Nanakji halted is where the town Dera Baba Nanak was founded by the Bedis, who were descendants of the Guru, and who built it in memory of Guru Nanak Dev. It is also believed by the people here that Gurtu Nanak Dev choosed this location on the banks of River Ravi, for meditation till his final days. On the right bank of River Ravi, is the pious land of the town of Kartarpur, where Guru Nanak Dev breathed his last and left for the heavenly abode. This place however is no longer a part of Indian Territory since after the division of 1947, the land came under the jurisdiction of neighboring country Pakistan. A beautiful Gurudwara is based in Kartarpur which is quite high and is clearly visible from the Indian land at Dera Baba Nanak.

Geography of Dera Baba Nanak

The religious city of Dera Baba Nanak is located at 32.033 North Latitude and 75.016 East longitudes. Serving as a Tehsil headquarter, this small town is based at an altitude of 245 meters above the sea level. Dera Baba Nanak Tehsil stretches for a total area of 305 sq km. Dera Baba Nanak remains bordered by Kalanaur Tehsil , Churian Tehsil, Dorangla Tehsil and Dhariwal Tehsil and the nearby cities include Battala at 38 kms, Dinanagar at 47 kms, Dorangla at 31 kms and Gurdaspur at 39 kms.
The topographic feature of the city is majorly flood plains contributed by River Ravi and River Beas. Loamy soils cover the region.

Climate of Dera Baba Nanak

Dera Baba Nanak experiences extreme climate. It is characterized with hot summers and chilling cold in winters. Climate of Deri Baba Nanak can be broadly divided into three major seasons, summer, monsoon and winter. The summer months in the city remains from March and stays till June. Month of June is one of the hottest months when temperature reaches to 44°C. Dust storms are quite popular during summers. After summer comes the monsoon season which stays from July till September and provides 70 percent of the rainfall of the whole year during this time. The banks of River Ravi are usually not flooded during this season since it remains well channelized through versatile network of canals. From November to March it is the winter months in Dera Baba Nanak. January is the coldest month. There remains occasional winter rains during the month of December and January when the temperature falls further down making the city quite chilly. Usually the temperature of Dera Baba Nanak during the month of January remains around 5 C.

Population of Dera Baba Nanak

As per census 2011, the total population of Dera Baba Nanak is 6394 of which 3331 individuals are male inhabitants and rest 3063 individuals are female individuals. There is a marked decrease in the population count from census 2001 where the total population figured around 7493 of which 52% were male and 48% were females. The total child population of the area stands at 597 which actually form 9.67% of the total population. This has also decreased from 2001 census when the child population was counted at 12% of the total population. The sex ratio of the inhabitants of Dera Baba Nanak consists of 920 females for every 1000 male which is considerably high in comparison with the state average of 846 females per 1000 male. Also the child sex ratio counts at 843 girls which is also different from state average of 846 girls per 1000 boys. Almost 25.95% of the population here are schedule caste but there is no existence of people from schedule tribes. The literacy rate of Dera Baba Nanak is impressively high at 87.42% where the state average remains at 75.64% only. The majority of the male individuals in the city are literate with a total of 90.36% whereas around 84.27% females of the city are also literates.

Culture of Dera Baba Nanak

An amalgamation of multiple caste and religion add colour to the cultural profile of Dera Baba Nanak. Though the majority of the populations are Punjabis, still significant percentage of population belongs to Hindu and Muslim community. The native language of the city is Punjabi, though people are aware of Hindi and English. There are two major Gurudwaras in this region. Fairs and Festivals surrounding these two holy locations are quite common here. Thousands of devotees from faraway places reach the city during the festival times to offer their prayers. Apart from this other prominent festivals like Holi, Diwali, Eid etc are also celebrated in a big way among the natives.

Economy of Dera Baba Nanak

Agriculture is the main source of income in this region. Since the land bears loamy fertile soils and remains well irrigated by the waters of River Ravi, the fertility of the area is never into questions. Almost 90% of the natives are engaged in some sort of farming work to earn their living. The major crops cultivated here include rice, maize cotton, moong, arhar, wheat, barley, potato, mustard etc.
Horticultural crops are also produced a lot in this region. The major crops cultivated are Kinnow, orange, guava, peer, amla , peech, plum etc.

Profile of Dera-Baba-Nanak
Agriculture in Dera Baba Nanak

Livestock business and Fishery business are also a source of income in this region. People does poultry business and maintains livestock of cattle, goat, buffaloes, sheep to earn money. Fishery businesses are also growing in this region with the initiatives from the Government departments to train the fish farmers and provide them aid to increase the production. Large and Medium scale Industries are not present in Dera Baba Nanak. There are few small scale industries mainly pertaining to service industry which generates decent income.

Administration of Dera Baba Nanak

Dera Baba Nanak is a municipal council with 11 wards where election are held in every 5 years. The city serves as the headquarters of Dera Baba Nanak Tehsil which is a newly built tehsil of Gurudaspur in the year 1995. There are 131 inhabited villages in the tehsil with 1298 number of houses and the administration remains in charge of facilitating these inhabitants with all kinds of basic amenities and facilities for a decent living. The Municipal Council office remain in charge of cleanliness, hygiene, sewerage, water distribution, maintaining of records, imposing taxes, collection of revenue and road maintenance in the area.

Municipal Council Office
Phone: 1871 2472243

Deputy Commissioner, Gurdaspur
District Courts
Gurdaspur, Punjab, India
Phone: 01874-247500, 224270, 224501
Email: dcofficegurdaspur(at)gmail[dot]com

Healthcare Services in Dera Baba Nanak

There are sufficient arrangements with regards to healthcare facilities in Dera Baba Nanak. The city has dedicated PHC centers located in various parts of the city. The healthcare centers in the city are managed by experienced doctors and medical staff who takes care of any medical emergencies in the area and provides initial treatment. For crucial cases the patients are transferred to the Civil Hospital based in Gurudaspur city. The PHC units in Dera Baba Nanak are based in Dhianpur, Dharowall, Thetharke and Pokhoke. Along with the PHC centers there is a private hospital based in the city with excellent modern equipment and facilities and qualified doctors to cater the patients.

Bajwa Hospital
Address: Dera Baba Nanak Road, Gurdaspur Ho
Near Mohan Plaza
PO: Dera Baba Nanak, Dist: Gurdaspur Punjab 143604
Phone: 1874 244899

Utilities Services in Dera Baba Nanak

Public Utility services are an important facility that helps to live in a society peacefully and without much hassle. It makes the society more habitable with better living conditions. Dera Baba Nanak being a small city, the availability of services are limited and to bare essentials.

Information about Dera Baba Nanak
Utility Services

Post Office in Dera Baba Nanak

One of the major requirements for every habitable society is postal services to maintain communication with the rest of the country. Indian Postal services has such an excellent wide network that it covers Dera Baba Nanak area under few branch and sub post offices and connects it with other cities of the country.. The details of the post office based here is

Name of the Post Office: Dera Baba Nanak Post Office
Status : Sub Office(Delivery)
Headoffice: Batala Head Office
Division: Gurudaspur
Region: Chandigarh
Address: Post Master, Dera Baba Nanak Post Office
Near Gurudwara Baba Chpula Sahib Army Cantonment are
Harowal, Jorian Kala, Dist: Gurdaspur, Punjab 143604
Phone: 1871 247675

Name of the Post Office: Bhagthana Tulian Post Office
Status : Branch Office
Division: Gurudaspur
Region: Chandigarh
Address: Post master, Bhagthana Tulian Post Office
Dera Baba Nanak, Dist Gurdaspur, Punjab 143604

Name of the Post Office: Dharamkot Randhawa Post Office
Status : Branch Office
Division: Gurudaspur
Region: Chandigarh
Address: Post master, Dharamkot Randhawa Post Office
Dera Baba Nanak, Dist Gurdaspur, Punjab 143604

Banks in Dera Baba Nanak

One of the important means of accelerating economical and financial growth in a city is banking services which helps in boosting the earned income and in securing the savings for future. Dera Baba Nanak is a city which encourages the availability of banking services and that is why the city has branches of prominent private and public sector banks with almost all modern facilities like core banking, online banking, ATM facility and many others.

Punjab National Bank (Pnb), Dera Baba Nanak
IFSC code: Punb0062100
MICR Code: 143024155
Branch Code: 062100
Address: Dera Baba Nanak Main Road
Po: Dera Baba Nanak, Dist: Gurdaspur, Punjab 143604
Phone: 01871 247247

Axis Bank, Dera Baba Nanak Branch
IFSC Code: Utib0001391
MICR Code: 143211152
Branch Code: 001391
Address: Ground Floor, Village. Phakhoke,
Dera Baba Nanak, Dist. Gurdaspur, Punjab , Pin 143604
Phone: 9988014020

Axis Bank, Hardowal Branch
IFSC Code: Utib0002404
MICR Code: 143211764
Branch Code: 002404
Address: Ground Floor, Khewat/Khatauni No. 310/866, Khasra No. 308 (1-3)
Hadbast No. 341, Village:-Hardowal,
Tehsil:Dera Baba Nanak, Dist: Gurdaspur, Punjab, Pin 143604
Phone: 9592297600

Petrol Pumps in Dera Baba Nanak

One of the important requirement for promoting travel and transport, economy and trade is to have efficient transporting facilities like well maintained roads and petrol pumps. In Dera Baba Nanak there are availability of all the amenities to promote transportation through the city and encourage business. The city has well reputed and genuine Petrol pumps based in various parts of the city. These petrol Pumps are Indian Oil initiatives and the details of the same are listed below.

Baba Budha Singh Filling Station
Address: Ramdas Road, Singhpura,
PO: Dera Baba Nanak, Dist. Gurdaspur, Punjab , Pin 143604

Hira Lal Bhushan Kumar
Address: Dera Baba Nanak,
Dist. Gurdaspur, Punjab , Pin 143604

Safety and Security in Dera Baba Nanak

Security services are an important aspect of any well administered city. In fact it is the primary concern for all inhabitants as all wants to reside in a place which is safe secure and free of criminal activities. The police station for the city is Dera Baba Nanak Police Station functioning under Gurdaspur Police which in turn is a part of Punjab Police department. It is the responsibility of the police department to look after maintenance of law and order in the area and keep the city safe and protected from any sort of unruly activities.

District Police Head Quarter
01874-245396, 502860

Police Control Room: 100
9780002601 181

Senior Citizen help Line :221971
Children Help Line: 1091
Women Help Line: 181
Traffic help Line: : 242081, 1073
Crime Stopper: 220796
Flood Control: 247964

SDM Dera Baba Nanak
Phone: 1871 247420

Dera Baba Nanak Police Station
Phone: 1871 247222

Tourism in Dera Baba Nanak

Most famous attractions of Dera Baba Nanak is two Gurudwaras namely Sri Darbar Sahib and Sri Chola Sahib. According to the devotees these are two are the most pious shrines of the country. Devotees from far off places of the world visits Dera Baba Nanak every year to have a glimpse of the two Gurudwara and a glimpse of original robe displayed in Sri Chola Sahib Gurudwara believed to be worn by Sri Guru Nanak Dev while visiting Mecca and Madina. From here one can also see the land of Kartarpur across River Ravi where Guru Nank Dev breathed his last. Though Kartarpur after division belongs to the Pakistan, the site of the beautiful Gurudwara based there can be seen from Dera Baba Nanak also.

Transport in Dera Baba Nanak

Dera Baba Nanak can be reached via railways since it is the most convenient means of travelling. The nearest railway station to the city is Dera Baba Nanak railway station which is directly connected to Amritsar railway station and through that various other prominent cities of the state. The nearest major railway station to Dera Baba Nanak is Gurdaspur Railway station at a distance of 20.5 kms. Other nearby railway stations include Rattar Chattar Railway station at a distance of 5 km Ramdas Railway station at 13 km and Hardowal railway station at 17 km. The nearest airport to Dera Baba Nanak is Guru Ram Das Jee International Airport at Amritsar which is based at a distance of 52.9 km via State Highway 25 and can be traveled within a time period of 55 mins. There are both buses and private cars available to travel the distance.

Dera-Baba-Nanak  in Punjab
Buses inDera-Baba-Nanak

Buses are also available from Dera Baba Nanak to various prominent cities close by which includes Amritsar, Kathua, Pathankot, Jammu, Gurudaspur , Quadian etc. The buses usually are available from Dera Baba Nanak Bus stand at State Highway 25. However one can travel to Gurudaspur bus stand for more availability of routes. There are both buses from Punjab Roadways as well as private buses which travel through these rates. One can avail Volvo and deluxe buses available here to travel longer routes. One can also avail car to travel the distances here. Since it is a small city, there is only one Car Hire Company in the area but holds an excellent reputation in giving quality service against reasonable price. There are various types of cars available and one can choose according to preference and necessity.

Bajwa Travels
Address: Vill. Kuthiala, Dera Baba Nanak
Gurdaspur Punjab - 143604
Phone: 9914623831

In a nutshell, the city is one of the pious destinations especially for the Sikh community for its immense religious significance. It is a prominent tourist destination with enough prospects to grow in terms of trade and commerce, education and modern living.

Dera Baba Nanak at a glance

Country: India
State: Punjab
District: Gurdaspur
• Official: Punjabi
Time zone: IST (UTC+5:30)

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